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‘Arthritis? Together we achieve more!‘
Together we stand stronger in achieving our goals!

The Caribbean Arthritis Foundation was established to help strengthen the position of people with an arthritis-related disorder. Our goal is to work for all people with arthritis on Aruba and elsewhere in the Caribbean.

Let’s build a better world for people living with arthritis today and a world without arthritis tomorrow!

The patient with arthritis has the central place in our activities. We are guided in our activities by what is important for people with arthritis.

If you have any questions or suggestions or would like to contribute to our goal, please contact us at president@caribbeanarthritisfoundation.org

Information gatherings on Arthritis in Aruba


If you have Arthritis yourself or someone with Arthritis in your immediate family, you are most welcome!

MFA Paradera – 12 oktober 2019
MFA Noord – 19 oktober 2019
MFA Savaneta – 26 oktober 2019

R. Rellum. Rheumatologist, dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospital
Francisco de Mey / Ebby Schwengle. Caribbean Arthritis Foundation
Gerani Cheuk-A-Lam. Nutrition and Health Scientist
David Janse. Physiotherapist, dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospital

17.30u-17.55u Walk-in
18.00u-18.30u Rheumatology in Aruba. Speaker: R. Rellum
18.30u-19.00u Patient organization for Rheumatology in Aruba. Speakers: Francisco de Mey / Ebby Schwengle
19.00u-19.15u Recess.
19.15u-19.45u Living with Arthritis: suggestions for a healthy life-style! Speaker: Gerani Cheuk-A-Lam
19.45u-20.15u Moving with Arthritis. Speaker: David Janse
20.15u end of the evening.

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We need and welcome your support to achieve our goals!

Our slogan: ‘Arthritis? Together we achieve more!’
After all, together we stand stronger in achieving our goals