EULAR Annual Congress

Each year, the EULAR holds a big congress in Europa. And we try to join them all

EULAR 2024

Just like any year, there will be another EULAR event that we’ll be attending. And we will be sure to share how it went right here!

The date for the upcoming EULAR conference is from June 12th till the 15th of 2024 in Vienna, Austria.

“Welcome to EULAR 2023”

These were the opening words to the annual congress of EULAR, the European umbrella organization of rheumatology, both the medical field as well as the patient organizations, commenced on May 31st, and ended June 3rd in 2023. Our chairman, Francisco de Mey, and secretary, Ebby Schwengle, attended the conference in Milan together with ReumaZorg Nederland and their passionate staff and experienced experts to meet with healthcare professionals, researchers, patient organizations and people with rheumatic diseases.

At the EULAR congress, there were many speakers and sessions! 

One of these sessions was by Dr. Daniel Aletaha, who discussed the most recent advances in the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). 

In another session, Dr. Maarten de Wit explored the benefits and challenges of loved ones’ assistance, and Dr. Thea Vliet Vlieland discussed how to best support people with rheumatic diseases and their loved ones.

During the ‘Let’s Move It!’ session, we got our hands dirty! Because exercise is essential for persons with rheumatism to maintain flexibility and avoid stiffness. Jobjan Blonk, a movement scientist, and Paula Jap Tjong of recently discussed this in a webinar hosted by ReumaZorg Nederland. There are also movies on the RZN website on Exercising with Rheumatism, in which physiotherapist Hanneke Muijen-Drop explains to you how to exercise at home.

We had the opportunity to meet several motivated people who are all dedicated to making rheumatism better manageable. We returned home with a variety of fresh experiences and information that will serve as inspiration for exciting future endeavors.