Caribbean Arthritis Foundation


The Caribbean Arthritis Foundation was founded with the intention and drive to help and support people with arthritis on Aruba and in the Caribbean region.

Building a better world for people living with arthritis today and a world without arthritis tomorrow

• We wish to establish a fruitful cooperation with all actors on Aruba and in the Caribbean region and worldwide with active organisations with similar goals.
• Our goal is to realize and create better prospects for all people with arthritis.

Our mission
• Strengthening the position of people with arthritis.
• Making the possible conditions in which arthritis can manifest itself recognizable.
• Facilitating research on arthritis together with partners.
• Supporting research in helping to make new treatment techniques available in different locations.
• Facilitating professional treatment in all regions of the Caribbean for people with arthritis.

Our vision
• To contribute to a better informed patient with arthritis.
• To encourage people with arthritis to take control of their daily life and activities.
• To support people with arthritis with reliable information.
• To support people with arthritis in looking after their interests.

Our Core Values

We approach our commitment and responsibilities to all with empathy, professionalism, passion and enthusiasm. We continually strive to achieve the best results and outcomes that we can for those we represent. These core values underpin the way we work.
At all times, we will act:
in a transparent manner
We work openly and ethically, with integrity, honesty and independence.
in an innovative way
We are creative and constantly challenge the status quo, always striving for better and looking for new ways to add value, while basing what we say and do on the best evidence and experiences of people with arthritis.
with passion
We are not just enthusiastic and committed, we are passionate about making a positive difference for all people with arthritis.
in a collaborative way
We work with many different organisations, wanting to contribute significantly to alliances and coalitions.
in a dynamic manner
We are results focused and will deliver on our projects and campaigns.
in an inclusive way
We act with sensitivity and compassion, respecting the needs and preferences of the individual regardless of nationality, creed, gender, age or ethnicity, while at the same time representing the community affected by arthritis, encompassing adults and young people, families, carers and healthcare professionals.


The Caribbean Arthritis Foundation was established on October 22nd 2015 at the office of notary H. Rodriguez-Taekema, Master of Law, in Aruba.
Mr. Francisco de Mey BSc, Ing, is president and an entrepreneur, he studied electrical engineering and holds several supervisory functions. In his family he witnessed several people with forms of arthritis, which prompted him to turn his energy to defending their interests.
Mr. Edbert Schwengle BA, is secretary and an entrepreneur and insurance agent at a local insurance company. In 2002 he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy (BA) and studied 1,5 years at Nyenrode University.