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Do you want to share your everyday life story on coping with your arthritis with us and other patients?
How do you deal with the disease in your daily life? How do you cope with tasks in your household? What are your experiences with study, work and so on? Have you stopped working due to your disease? How do you cope with the pain, fatigue and so on? How does your environment respond to your illness?

“Too much pages written, I thought, when I could not move my fingers anymore. The symptoms remained, so I went to the doctor, who did blood tests and referred me to a rheumatologist. A few months passed before I could visit the rheumatologist. Then it went fast. I had rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. I worked and was allowed to organize my working hours differently. Unfortunately my manager was not happy. What did I think? He had little understanding for me. Work cost me a lot of energy and I ran into a lot of misunderstanding. Finally I was totally rejected and had to stop working. Except for my hands, you cannot see anything on the outside, which is difficult. Pain and fatigue are not visible, unless I can no longer hide my pain and fatigue. Somebody once spoke to me about the fact that I took the elevator. Sometimes I can have a bad comment more easily than at other times, sometimes I’m really upset. ” Diana.

We will publish your stories on our website (your name is not mentioned, if you do not want it!).
We will use these stories in our campaign to policy makers to promote the interests of all people with arthritis. The stories from life experience will show what difficulties people with arthritis experience in their daily lives. So you can help us to influence different policymakers by sharing your experience with us!

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